Trash the Dress

From my snoop around the web there do seem to be some mixed opinions about Trash the Dress photoshoots. These involve taking your wedding dress out of hiding and then having a photoshoot in all sorts of circumstances that probably would have been your worst nightmare on your actual wedding day! Some people choose to have shoots of them in their dress at the beach, getting all covered in sand and water and with these type of shoots you can generally take your dress to the drycleaners and it comes back good as new. The shoots I am a fan of are the ones that involve slightly more permanent trashing such as paint!

Many people just can’t see the sense in trashing what once was your most beloved and possibly most expensive item of clothing. I figure you’re never going to wear your dress again and if you haven’t sold it by now then you might as well trash it! So, for me, Trash the Dress shoots are definitely on the way up. What better way to wear your dress again and have some fun in it? If my dress still fits I would love to do this as a one year anniversary type thing. The traditional first year anniversary gift is paper I believe, so, photos are printed on paper, seems the perfect gift to me!

Here are some of the shoots I may be using as inspiration.

trash the dress with paint

This gorgeous paint fight was by Kyle Perison. I highly recommend you follow the link to see the full photo shoot in full size.

trash the dress photos

Clockwise from top left: Preston Bailey, Hanssie Trainor, IGO Photography, Wedding Bee.



Stockings, like most things, started out for men! They were also quite drab and when women started wearing them, it was purely for warmth. Luckily these days stockings are made from a variety of materials, in a variety of colours and with numerous patterns. I personally love all sorts of stockings and tights and wear them for a combination of fashion and warmth. Given that stockings are both practical and aesthetically pleasing they are definitely trending up. Possibly the only downside is it does somewhat limit your choice of shoes!

various stockings

Textured yellow tights from Jonathon Aston Tights, White lace stockings (cannot find source, if you know please comment), Harlequin costume from Leg Avenue, Under my wedding dress – photo by CJ Williams Photography, White tights from Online Live, Red latex tights found at Style High Club.