About Rachel Trends

I do find the evolution of trends quite interesting. There will always be some relative staples in society (does anyone predict a day when they won’t own at least one pair of jeans?) but trends come and go. Trends stem from ‘original’ ideas that pop up in the sub-cultures of society and slowly gather steam until they break through to the mainstream. You can tell when something has broken into the mainstream when the chain stores start selling their versions of this ‘original’, ‘unique’ concept. Once a trend hits the mainstream it is then usually disowned by the sub-culture who brought it life as it no longer meets their need to rebel from mainstream society. The trend has a little commercial life then the sub-cultures evolve the next big thing and the cycle starts again.

Wedding photo in a phone box

Trapped in a Phone Box on our Wedding Day! Photo by CJ Williams Photography

I am quite a fan of creativity and in the search for myself to become more creative I see a lot of great concepts and ideas along the way. Some of these I appear to have seen before the majority of my friends, family, colleagues etc and then they catch on and I appear to be the trendsetter. I have often joked about this but I do also like to think their is an ounce of truth to it. Who doesn’t want to be credited with starting some very popular trends? Lolly buffets (especially at weddings) seem to have only recently hit Australia. According to a friend of mine who works in the wedding industry (among planning other events) the first time she saw a lolly buffet was at my wedding last year but now practically every bride is having one. It is not so much the lolly buffet that she is getting over I don’t think but the fact that every bride thinks they are so unique for having the buffet, not realising that the wedding before and after theirs is doing the exact same thing with a different colour scheme! Now, of course I am all for lolly buffets, but if you want a unique experience for your guests you may have to ‘think outside the jar’ a little more now. I have seen some interesting ideas around including a make your own dessert buffet or decorating your own cupcakes (not just for kids!). Now to watch and see if these ideas take off as the rebel lolly buffet!

I do like to look beyond the obvious and I’m not afraid to not fit in. I guess this results in some hits and some misses but I always have fun! I like trying new things and not being ‘predictable’, not just for the sake of it, but because I really think I am allergic to ‘normal’. I know I am not the first to do everything (in this day and age it’s hard to come up with a truly new idea!) and I don’t claim to be. I just go with what makes me happy at the time!


About racheltrends

It seems I have had a knack in the past for predicting trends. Time to put it to the test and see how many I get right!


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