Nappy Cakes

Whilst pondering and searching for some unique or interesting baby gifts for the seven ladies I know right now who are pregnant I was reminded of the baby shower staple: the nappy cake. These have been around for a little while now (since my friends starting having babies at least 3 or 4 years ago, I had no need to know about them prior to this!). I admit you can make some kind of cute stuff out of face washers and socks and onesies but to purchase these in a store I find they are always extremely over-priced for what is essentially a gift of three pairs of socks and a beanie! The nappy cake is really taking this concept to the next level I think. They are tiers of nappies (diapers for our American friends) usually adorned with various other baby trinkets and a giant bow.

What I cannot understand now is how people still think this classifies as a ‘unique’ baby shower gift. These are not unique, they have been around for ever and therefore they are trending down. When you put a little more thought into the concept it’s really not that much of a practical gift anyway. Nappies taken out of their packet, touched by ‘x’ number of people who are assemling the ‘cake’ then ogled and touched by everyone at the baby shower who thinks it’s just ‘so charming and clever’. Realistically, are you going to want to put these nappies on your newborn? I’m sure I’ll be the same so not throwing stones here but most new mums meticulously wash every item of clothing and disinfect every household surface before bringing the new arrival home so why would they want to put ‘dirty nappies’ on their new bundle of joy? Baby showers are a great time for receiving practical gifts that you will actually use and that will save you a little bit of time and money (commodoties that are in short supply with an infant!) so please don’t waste your money on one of these monstrosities. Or, if you still like the idea of them, then have fun shopping with the links provided!

nappy cakes

Left to right: Best Diaper Cakes, E Diaper Cakes, Design-N-Wrap.