All Things Foxy

As I mentioned back in this post I believe owls are on the way down and I was wondering what would replace them. My call for the new trending up animal is the fox! Fantastic Mr Fox! At any rate, I think foxes can be cute and have used them as the theme for my upcoming baby’s nursery. It doesn’t hurt that I love orange and foxes can be considered orange in my book! So, without further ado here is some foxy inspiration for you all, admittedly it is mostly nursery related but I have been ogling these pictures for a while and have fallen in love with them!


Forest Pals Nappy Wallet from ZeeBee, Sleeping Fox Clock by graphicspaceswood, Fox Bookend also by graphicspaceswood, Baby Fox Print by Applewood Knoll (This one is already purchased and featured in my nursery), Socks the Fox by blabla, Monty the Sleepy Fox by Sara Carr.



Owls are everywhere! Owl jewellery, owl bookends, owl cushions, owl wall art, owl lamps, owl cups… well you get the idea! It is for this very reason that owls are going down. Owl overload, the market is saturated, it cannot take much more! I still believe birds in general may stay on trend but it’s time to mix it up, pick a new bird, or pick a variety of birds to try and slow down the demise of the next one. Sparrows have stood the test of time for a while now but seem to be reserved for those with an admiration for ink. How about crows for a change of pace perhaps? So long as nothing comes with audio I could get onboard with that.


Image from pinterest.