Cake Smash

Most people love babies and most people love cake so it makes sense to combine these two in a cake smash photo shoot. Usually this is done around the time of the child’s first birthday and one major benefit that makes this trending up is that you then get some really nice photos of your child to commemorate this milestone.

You want a nice bright cake and an outfit that you don’t mind your child getting messy! Some choose just to wear a nappy, some go for the nice party dress, a cute one I recall was a nappy and tie. Get a few photos of the cake before the destruction and then let your little one go nuts helping themselves and getting as messy as possible! The type of cake and icing you choose can make a difference to how ‘messy’ the shoot ends up. Buttercream, for example, will probably create more mess than fondant.

I am creating a cake this week for a cake smash shoot that will be done by the lovely Carly from CJ Williams Photography of her gorgeous nephew. So I may have some more photo inspiration to add for this idea in a few weeks but for now here are what others have done.

cake smash photos

Clockwise from top left: Shelley Ellis Photography, Melissa Treen Photography, Kerry Sundah Photography, and Kwerk.


About racheltrends

It seems I have had a knack in the past for predicting trends. Time to put it to the test and see how many I get right!

2 responses to “Cake Smash

  1. Michelle Baylee

    Love this idea!!! Maybe I’ll get my little niece one for her 1st birthday!!! x

  2. I know a great photographer to recommend! 😉


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