Keep Calm

Keep Calm and THINK OF SOMETHING NEW TO DESIGN! This one may should go without saying! These have been in existence since the Second World War! The British Government started producing the original Keep Calm and Carry On posters in 1939 for some morale boosting PR. Interestingly enough the Keep Calm and Carry On poster was the third and final in the series and was never actually used as they were intended to be displayed when Germany invaded Britain. Most were then destroyed at the end of the war and only a relative handful remain. Sure, it would be great to purchase one of the original war time posters but the recent influx since 2000 of various Keep Calm and… seems to have taken the shine off.

Yes, there are many funny ones going around and I admit some certainly give me a chuckle. But please stop brandishing iPad covers, coffee mugs and the like with some inane nonsense trying to cling to the dying last few dollars you can make off getting these products mass produced in China and sold to those living 5 years in the past. A quick google shows that many are paired with yesterday’s pop culture icons and therefore prove my point all over again. Keep Calm and find the next trend to saturate the market with. These posters are going down but here is a reminder of what we will be leaving behind.

keep calm posters


About racheltrends

It seems I have had a knack in the past for predicting trends. Time to put it to the test and see how many I get right!


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