Miniature Food

Ok, things in miniature are just too cute and everyone loves food so this is definitely trending up.

Mini food

Clockwise from top left: 1. Mini hamburgers by me, 2. Mini hotdogs from Bridal Guide, 3. Desserts in shot glasses via Pinterest, 4. Mini coffee with mini doughnuts from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Miniature treats are great for parties. Having something that everyone can just eat on the go without getting their hands too messy is just plain practical. Now these are great for any party but I do love the emerging trend of serving these as ‘midnight snacks’ at a wedding. Just as the main meal is starting to digest from all the dancing and energy levels are waning – BAM – food to grab and it’s gone by the time you get back on the dance floor. If you’re thinking of starting a wedding related business in the near future consider specialising in midnight food. Trust me, this is the next lolly buffet.


About racheltrends

It seems I have had a knack in the past for predicting trends. Time to put it to the test and see how many I get right!

2 responses to “Miniature Food

  1. Michelle Baylee

    Yes even HJ’s are doing mini burgers!!!!
    Love the idea of mini midnight snacks at a wedding đŸ™‚

  2. Great idea. I for one am all for mini servings of everything food related!


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